What is PROVIDE™?

PROVIDE™ Information Support Services are a unique resource for the scientific community. As the curator of information on over 4,000 Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs), the PROVIDE™ team gives you access to COA information, and supply the instruments and translations you require in order to succeed in your study.

Additionally, PROVIDE™ directly manages 500 COAs on behalf of developers through the Distribution Service.

Our services support all aspects of COA licensing requirements from information on COAs, licensing, to availability of linguistically validated versions.

In 2019, the PROVIDE™ team based in France and in the USA handled over 12,000 searches from (non exhaustive list): pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, eCOA vendors, academic researchers, physicians, associations, and international organizations.

How can PROVIDE™ help you?

You want to use a COA but do not know how to access it? You need translations for a COA? You may have large searches questions on COAs which require targeted literature reviews?

Submit a request from the ePROVIDE™ platform and our PROVIDE™ team will contact you and provide the assistance you need!

The management of your requests will be handled from your ePROVIDE™ account (Section: "My ePROVIDE / My Requests").

Each time you get an answer to your request and each time the status of your request is updated, you will receive a notification by e-mail inviting you to connect to your ePROVIDE™ account, including the history of your messages. The hyperlink available in the e-mail will give you a direct access to your request.

All communications with the team and all related documents will be centralized for each request from your ePROVIDE™ account (Section: "My ePROVIDE / My Requests").

Submit Request

PROVIDE™ is available on an ad-hoc basis or with annual subscriptions and includes the following in-house, easily accessible services (non-exhaustive list):

  • Conditions of access and use of COAs
  • Developer’s contact (for conditions of use, scoring, translation, etc.)
  • Licensing process: Assistance to sign the license to get the permission to use and to translate the COA
  • List of available translated versions and their levels of linguistic validation
  • Development of eBooklets: specifications for electronic implementations of COAs
  • Translation certificates
  • Scoring manuals
  • Original and review copies of thousands of COAs and their translations
  • Bibliographic references
  • List of measures in a specific therapeutic indication / on-going clinical trials
  • List of COA concepts
  • List of recommended COAs from guidances
  • COA results: study of competitor products and COA Labeling claims
  • Search on content validity documentation, availability, psychometric properties, etc.

Our PROVIDE™ team is looking forward to receiving your requests.