PROVIDE™ is the unique information support services of Mapi Research Trust; one of the services available from the ePROVIDE™ platform. This full-range service is crucial for the scientific community, especially for those involved in the field of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs).

Based on our exclusive COA resources, the PROVIDE™ services give access to information on COAs and supply the instruments and translations you require in order to succeed in your study.

In 2016, our PROVIDE™ team based in France and in the USA handled over 8,000 searches from pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers, physicians, associations, and international organizations.


PROVIDE™ is available on an ad-hoc basis or within the context of annual subscriptions and  includes the following in-house, easily accessible services (non-exhaustive list):

  • Conditions of access and use of COAs
  • Developer’s contact (for conditions of use, scoring, translation, etc.)
  • Licensing process: Assistance to sign the license to get the permission to use and to translate the COA
  • List of available translated versions and their levels of linguistic validation
  • Translation certificates
  • Scoring manuals
  • Original and review copies of thousands of COAs and their translations
  • Bibliographic references
  • List of measures in a specific therapeutic indication / on-going clinical trials
  • List of COA concepts
  • List of recommended COAs from guidances
  • COA results: study of competitor products and COA Labeling claims
  • Search on content validity documentation, availability, psychometric properties, etc.

How to Benefit from the PROVIDE™ Services

Submit a request from the ePROVIDE™ platform and our PROVIDE™ Team will contact you and provide the assistance you need.

How? Complete your client account, then go to My PROVIDE Requests

Tutorials are available on our FAQs.