How to Search

Simple search

The simple search field is located on the home page and on the header on each page of the website.

Any search to be done will be processed in the contents below and as per your subscription:  

  • Therapeutic areas
  • Therapeutic indications
  • Acronym of the questionnaires (PROQOLID™ content results)
  • Full name of the questionnaires (PROQOLID™ content results)
  • Brand name and INN of a drug (PROLABELS™ content results)
  • Title of a guidance (PROINSIGHT™ content results)

Advanced search

If you are subscribed to at least one of our databases, you can access to the Advanced Search page.

Search Box

In the Advanced search page, the search box benefits from an Autocomplete functionality. When you start typing (2 characters) in the search box, the search engine will suggests words from our databases contents.

Search criteria

The AND Boolean operator is considered between each search criteria.

The OR Boolean operator is considered in between each search criteria category

The following filters are to be filled for an “Advanced Search”:

To obtain results across databases, you will have to use the following filters:

  • Therapeutic area
  • Therapeutic indication
  • Type of Outcome Assessment

To refine your search strategy, you have to select a type of content:


Once you select one type of content, specific search criteria will be added on the left column accordingly.


PROQOLID™ specific search

Example: To search for questionnaires developed by a specific author


-Select PROQOLID™ content

- In criteria “Authors”, choose the name of developer

Results: Listing of instruments by developer

PROLABELS™ specific search

Example:  For which drug has the SF-36® been included in the approval drug labeling?


-Select PROLABELS™ content

- In criteria “Instrument”, select the SF-36®

Results: List of studies in which SF-36® has been mentioned.

PROINSIGHT™ specific search

Example: Search for all guidances published in Asthma by FDA


-Select PROINSIGHT™ content

- In criteria “Therapeutic indication”, choose Asthma

- In criteria “Agency”, choose FDA

Results: List of all Asthma guidances published by FDA.


To reset a new search, click on the “clear all” button.

Select one option at the time:  the results page is refreshed each time you select one option.