Chronic Treatment Acceptance Questionnaire (ACCEPT)


Distributed by Mapi Research Trust

Distributed by Mapi Research Trust

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Basic description

Developed in 2008



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The ACCEPT© questionnaire is a generic medication acceptance measure assessing how patients weigh advantages and disadvantages of long-term medications. ACCEPT© may be a predictor of patients' future adherence to and/or persistence with their treatment.
Therapeutic area
  • Generic
Therapeutic indication


Chronic diseases requiring long-term medications
Type of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA)
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  • French for France
Bibliographic reference(s) of the original questionnaire

Arnould B, Gauchoux R, Meunier J, Gilet H, Regnault A. Validation of ACCEPT, a new generic measure to assess how patients with chronic diseases balance between the advantages and disadvantages of following the recommended treatment regimen in real-life. ISPOR 16th Annual European Congress, Dublin, Ireland, November 2013

Marant C, Longin J, Gauchoux R, Arnould B, Spizak C, Marrel A, Patrick DL, Van Ganse E. Long-term treatment acceptance: what is it, and how can it be assessed? Patient. 2012;5(4):239-49 (PubMed Abstract)

Chretin S, Viala-Danten M, Van Ganse E, Patrick D, Arnould B, Longin J. The missing piece between treatment experience and intention to persist: testing the internal consistency reliability and predictive validity of acceptability.  ISPOR 13th Annual European Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, November 2010

Marant C, Longin J, Spizak C, Patrick D, Saussier C, Arnould B, Van Ganse E. What does acceptability mean for patients and how should it be measured? Qualitative steps for the development of a new measurement instrument for pharmacies: the “ACCEPT©” questionnaire. ISPOR 11th Annual European Congress, Athens, Greece, November 2008

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