Infant and Toddler Quality of Life Questionnaire-Short Form (ITQOL-SF47)

Landgraf JM


Basic description

  • Published in 2013
  • There are two versions of the ITQOL - the 47-item short-form (ITQOL-SF47) and the 97-item full-length version (ITQOL). They measure the same concepts - just with fewer items. 
  • The ITQOL complements the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ) (see related COA instruments tab)

Landgraf JM

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To assess quality of life in infants and toddlers and to measure parental impact
Therapeutic area
  • Generic
Therapeutic indication


Type of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA)
  • obsro ObsRO
parent-completed measure
Original language(s)
  • English for the USA
57 translation(s)
Bibliographic reference(s) of the original questionnaire

Landgraf JM, Vogel I, Oostenbrink R, van Baar ME, Raat H. Parent-reported health outcomes in infants/toddlers: measurement properties and clinical validity of the ITQOL-SF47. Qual Life Res. 2013 Apr;22(3):635-46 (PubMed Abstract)

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