MD Anderson Symptom Inventory (MDASI)

Cleeland CS; Mendoza TR


Basic description

A brain tumor (MDASI-BT, a head & neck (MDASI-HN) and a lung cancer (MDASI-LC) modules exist


Cleeland CS; Mendoza TR

Copyright 1999 The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. All rights reserved

The M. D. Anderson Symptom Inventory copyright is held by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and administered by the MDASI’s developer, Charles S. Cleeland, PhD. The copyright applies to the MDASI and all its derivatives in any language.
To assess the severity of multiple symptoms and the impact of symptoms on daily functioning
Therapeutic area
  • Neoplasms
Therapeutic indication

Generic for Neoplasms

Type of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA)
  • pro PRO
Original language(s)
  • English
41 translation(s)
Bibliographic reference(s) of the original questionnaire

Cleeland CS, Mendoza TR, Wang XS, Chou C, Harle MT, Morrissey M, Engstrom MC. Assessing symptom distress in cancer patients: the M.D. Anderson Symptom Inventory. Cancer 2000; 89:1634-46 (Full text article)

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