Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE®)

Folstein MF; Folstein SE; McHugh PR


Basic description

Developed in 1975
A second edition also exists:  Mini-Mental State Examination, 2nd Edition® (MMSE-2®)


Folstein MF; Folstein SE; McHugh PR

MiniMental LLC, 1975, 1998, 2001
To screen for cognitive impairment, to estimate the severity of cognitive impairment at a given point in time, to follow the course of cognitive changes in an individual over time, and to document an individual's response to treatment
Therapeutic area
  • Nervous System Diseases
  • Mental Disorders
Therapeutic indication
  • Generic for Nervous System Diseases
  • Generic for Psychiatry/Psychology
Type of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA)
  • clinro ClinRO
Original language(s)
  • English for the USA
72 translation(s)
Bibliographic reference(s) of the original questionnaire

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Folstein MF, Folstein SE and McHugh PR. Mini-Mental State: A practical method for grading the state of patients for the clinician, Journal of Psychiatric Research 1975; 12: 189-198

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