PACT-Q Webinar

02-Jul-2018 12:06

An Author Webinar on the Perception of Anticoagulant Treatment Questionnaire – Sep 27, 2018 - Request recording!

ePROVIDE Walkthrough

20-Jun-2018 10:09

Attend our live demo of ePROVIDE databases on July 19, 2018, 4:30 pm (CEST). Contact MariePierre.EscanezVirieux@mapi-trust.org to register.


27-Apr-2018 09:21

Register for May 17, 2018: How to use the Angle Labor Pain Questionnaire + Angle Pictorial Pain Mapping & Ranking Tool in Clinical Research.

Launch of LSEQ webpage

29-Mar-2018 09:09

Mapi Research Trust is proud to present the webpages dedicated to the Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire - LSEQ

WLQ distributed by Mapi Research Trust

07-Mar-2018 17:34

Dr Debra Lerner selects Mapi Research Trust as exclusive distributor of the Work Limitations Questionnaire (WLQ). See the press release.

New search features

05-Mar-2018 10:46

Mar 05, 2018: ePROVIDE™ is undergoing updates. Should you encounter displaying issues, press the CTRL and F5 keys simultaneously to clear caches on your browser.

LSEQ Webinar

26-Feb-2018 15:26

Author Webinar on the Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire - Mar 15, 2018

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PubsHub Software Solutions

19-Feb-2018 11:33

Increasing speed & efficiency for medical communication teams

Streamline and automate your medical communication processes with our competitive, easy-to-use applications that help provide consistency, efficiency, and transparency.

  • Journals&Congresses – Find key scientific venues to publish your data with our robust database of medical journals and scientific congresses. Easily compare critical venue metrics across 100+ therapeutics areas to determine what is best suited for your needs. (Journalsandcongresses.com)
  • PMSolution – Manage your entire publication development process with less effort in meeting deadlines, maintaining version control, trcking reviews and approvals, and creating on-demand reports for your medical teams. (PubsHub.com)
  • KnowledgeManager – Use this enterprise-wide document repository for the appropriate and efficient disseminate of scientific materials. Knowledge Manager allows you to organize and search key scientific content for quick and easy retrieval. (PubsHub.com)

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Visit our site at PubsHub.com


19-Jan-2018 16:57

BiblioPRO is a free-access on-line library of Spanish Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) instruments.

The library provides information on more than 1,600 PROs and is updated frequently.

BiblioPRO allows direct access to basic information of each instrument (8 instrument characteristics) and for many of them, additional documentation (manual, description, questionnaire and / or bibliography). In addition, you can and request directly the sublicense of use for about 300 instruments on-line (www.bibliopro.org).

The mission of BiblioPRO is to promote the adequate use of Patient Perceived Outcome instruments in Spanish by disseminating detailed on-line information, producing scientific PRO evaluations, and offering specialized training. The community of BiblioPRO users includes researchers, clinicians, and health managers, health-related companies, patients, and the general public.

BiblioPRO is a joint project of IMIM-Hospital del Mar and CIBER of Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERESP).

Scheduled Maintenance

17-Jan-2018 16:31

Our team is working on improving ePROVIDE™. Some interruptions of service may occur on Saturday Jan 20, 2018 from 12:00pm to 6:00pm (CET).

226 new COAs in PROQOLID™

04-Jan-2018 14:33

In 2017, 226 new questionnaires have been added to the PROQOLID™ database.

Find out all about this database of choice for information on instruments.

ePROVIDE™ getting a facelift

08-Dec-2017 10:46

Dec 11, 2017: ePROVIDE™ is getting a new look and undergoing updates to improve your browsing experience.

Should you encounter displaying issues, press the CTRL and F5 keys simultaneously to clear caches on your browser.

DAD Webinar

29-Nov-2017 10:00

An Author Webinar on the Disability Assessment for Dementia - Dec 7, 2017

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Sanofi PRO Questionnaires Website

15-Nov-2017 18:08

Mapi Research Trust selected by Sanofi to develop their Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) questionnaires website. See the press release.

QIDS Webinar

08-Nov-2017 09:55

An Author Webinar on the Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology
 - Nov 15, 2017
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ISPOR Glasgow

06-Nov-2017 12:23

Mapi experts are attending the ISPOR Conference in Glasgow this week! Come and meet the Mapi and ICON teams at booth 503.

ISOQOL Conference

13-Oct-2017 09:44

Mapi experts will attend the ISOQOL 24th Annual Conference October 18-22, 2017! Contact us to set up a meeting on your COA needs and Mapi capabilities.

20 new COAs in PROQOLID™

05-Sep-2017 09:30

Information has been added on the following COAs:

  • BLCS - Bladder Control Scale
  • BWCS - Bowel Control Scale
  • CGI - Clinical Globlal Impressions Scale 
  • DES - Diabetes Empowerment Scale
  • DES-SF - Diabetes Empowerment Scale Short Form
  • DKT - Diabetes Knowledge Test
  • DMH - Diabetes History
  • DSDS - Diabetes Semantic Differential Scales
  • EHS - Erection Hardness Scale
  • EPBD - Endometriosis Pain and Bleeding Diary
  • MINI - Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview
  • MINI KID - Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview for Children and Adolescents
  • MNSI - Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument
  • NEI-VFQ-25 - National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire-25
  • PMSISTM - Premenstrual Symptoms Impact Survey™
  • QEQ - Quality of Erection Questionnaire
  • RIS-6TM - Rhinitis Impact Survey™
  • RPS-DD - Risk Perception Survey for Developing Diabetes
  • SDS - Sheehan Disability Scale
  • S-STS - Sheehan Suicidality Tracking Scale

Check it out in PROQOLID™

KPPS Webinar

04-Aug-2017 15:54

An Author Webinar on the King’s Parkinson’s Disease Pain Scale (KPPS)  - Sep 21, 2017

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13-Jul-2017 10:13

Information has been added on 8 instruments:

  • AES - Apathy Evaluation Scale
  • AUDIT - Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test Questionnaire
  • BCPT - Breast Cancer Prevenion Trial SymptomChecklist
  • ETSQ - Endometriosis Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • FSD - Fibroid Symptom Diary
  • HONC - Hooked on Nicotine Checklist
  • HSDD - Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
  • PsAID - Psoriatic Arthritis Impact of Disease


Check it out in PROQOLID™