Upcoming MoCA Webinar

05-Mar-2021 12:03

Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)

June 23rd 10am EDT - Register here

CSS Webinar

12-Feb-2020 12:03

Join our presenting experts to learn all about the Communication Complexity Scale

QGEN Webinar

12-Feb-2020 12:03

1-Minute Alternative to SF-36. With the developer himself, Dr. John Ware!

QDIS® Webinar

06-Jan-2020 12:03

Join our presenting experts to learn all about the Spotlight on the Quality of Life Disease Impact Scale

400+ new COAs in PROQOLID™

26-Dec-2019 09:33

In 2019, more than 400 new questionnaires have been added to the PROQOLID™ database.

Find out all about this database of choice for information on instruments.

SAQ Webinar

03-Sep-2019 12:03

Join our presenting experts to learn all about the Severe Asthma Questionnaire

ABOUT-Toolbox Webinar

03-Sep-2019 11:53

Join the experts and learn about how the ABOUT-Toolbox can help you with your research

New PRO for Pediatric Oral Medicine Acceptability Questionnaire - Patient Version

12-Jul-2019 17:43

The Pediatric Oral Medicine Acceptability Questionnaire (P-OMAQ-P) PRO questionnaire is now available on PROQOLID™ and distributed by Mapi Research Trust.

New PRO for Patient’s Qualitative Assessment of Treatment

12-Jul-2019 17:38

The Patient’s Qualitative Assessment of Treatment (PQATv2) PRO questionnaire is now available on PROQOLID™ and distributed by Mapi Research Trust.

Work Limitations Questionnaire (WLQ)

17-Apr-2019 12:09

Missed the Author Webinar on June 17?

New PRO for Acceptance of Subcutaneous Injectable Treatment

10-Dec-2018 17:53

The Injection-Treatment Acceptance Questionnaire (I-TAQ) PRO questionnaire is now available.

Performance Optimization

28-Nov-2018 12:22

Our team's worked on improving the website's speed. In case of displaying issues, press the CTRL and F5 keys simultaneously.

PACT-Q Webinar

02-Jul-2018 12:06

An Author Webinar on the Perception of Anticoagulant Treatment Questionnaire – Sep 27, 2018 - Request recording!

ePROVIDE Walkthrough

20-Jun-2018 10:09

Attend our live demo of ePROVIDE databases on July 19, 2018, 4:30 pm (CEST). Contact MariePierre.EscanezVirieux@mapi-trust.org to register.


27-Apr-2018 09:21

Register for May 17, 2018: How to use the Angle Labor Pain Questionnaire + Angle Pictorial Pain Mapping & Ranking Tool in Clinical Research.

Launch of LSEQ webpage

29-Mar-2018 09:09

Mapi Research Trust is proud to present the webpages dedicated to the Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire - LSEQ

WLQ distributed by Mapi Research Trust

07-Mar-2018 17:34

Dr Debra Lerner selects Mapi Research Trust as exclusive distributor of the Work Limitations Questionnaire (WLQ). See the press release.

New search features

05-Mar-2018 10:46

Mar 05, 2018: ePROVIDE™ is undergoing updates. Should you encounter displaying issues, press the CTRL and F5 keys simultaneously to clear caches on your browser.

LSEQ Webinar

26-Feb-2018 15:26

Author Webinar on the Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire - Mar 15, 2018

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PubsHub Software Solutions

19-Feb-2018 11:33

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